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Recently, I have been playing the newest addition to the Arkham video game franchise, Batman: Arkham Origins.  I can not tell you enough how enjoyable this game was!  Ever since I was a child, I have been a huge fan of Batman and his gallery of rouges.  One of the greatest additions to this game was the Deathstroke downloadable campaign challenges.  While it may be fun being the good guy, being the bad guy from time to time has its moments as well! 

Deathstroke, as seen in the screen-shot below, plays very similiar to Batman in the game.


(image taken from the Arkham Origins website.

In the video below, you can see just how similar Deathstroke’s fighting style is to Batmans.  He even has own array of gadgets.  However, I will say that I feel, in my personal opinion of course, that Deathstroke’s fighting seems to be a bit more fluid than Batman’s.  While Batman fights with agility and Deathstroke seems to fight with a sense of swiftness.


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